Dandelion Growing in Girl’s Ear

Dandelion Growing in Girl's Ear (Image 1)

Doctors have been left stunned after discovering a dandelion growing inside the ear canal of a 16-month-old girl. 

Doctors in China had to have it surgically removed. 

The dandelion had partly flowered and had grown to nearly an inch long before being surgically removed, the Beijing Morning Post reported.

The parents of the girl, called Ranran, said their daughter had been complaining about an earache for four months, but the parents had dismissed her.

But then the little girl started scratching her ear.  The mother looked and saw something inside.  It was at this time that the parents took the little girl to the hospital.  This is where the shocking discovery was made. 

Doctors said the dandelion has grown into the girl's ear and had completely filled the canal wall, and this could have caused serious damage. 

They say that even the slightest bit of pressure put the little girl at risk for internal bleeding, so it had to come out.  The warm and humid conditions in the ear canal are likely to have encouraged growth. 

As shocking as it is, this is not the first unusual thing found in a person's ear.  Some people have had spiders in their ear canals. 

Just this past July, an woman had unexplained headaches.  Well, doctors found her ears were filled with flesh-eating worms that she picked up in Peru. 

How do dandelions spread?

The dandelion is first a yellow flower.  After about a day, it turns into a sphere like flower that is white and fuzzy. 

The fuzzy things are the 'parachutes' for the seed. 

The seeds are then distributed by the seed letting go and the 'parachute' helping it sail through the air until it lands. 

So if you pick up one of these fuzzy dandelions and blow on it, the seeds will disperse throughout the air. 




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