Mason prepares to take over at Georgia

Mason prepares to take over at Georgia (Image 1)
Mason prepares to take over at Georgia (Image 1)

Graduation day is still a long way off for the college kids, but still the Georgia Bulldogs are preparing for the first day of the rest of their football lives.

After Aaron Murray's season and college career ending knee injury against Kentucky last weekend, the Georgia Bulldogs are going into their next couple of games with a real unknown at the quarterback position.  Hutson Mason is set to take over for a record setting quarterback, but what can we expect?  No one can really say until bullets start flying, but Mr. Mason is business as usual.   “It really hasn't been much different.” Mason says.  “I think going back to 4 years , Murray has done a great job of showing us the ropes so to speak. How to prepare to be a winner. How to prepare to be a champion..”

Mason adds “Nothing has changed.  I'm still sitting in the same seat in the QB room even though Murray isn't there.  I'm just trying to keep the same habits, same steps I've been doing and hopefully it will pay off.”

Georgia and Georgia Tech square off in Atlanta Saturday at 3:30pm

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