Mystery of the Leafy Trampoline

Mystery of the Leafy Trampoline (Image 1)
Mystery of the Leafy Trampoline (Image 1)

Experts are left baffled by bizarre bouncy forest floor found in Canada. 

A pair of hikers came across an unusual spot close to a river in St Jerome, Quebec.  They found a forest floor that behaves like a bouncy trampoline, and this discovery has left scientists baffled. 

Experts at least agree that the phenomenon is to be natural.  What they can't explain is why the ground is behaving as it is. 

The hikers made a video of one of the men bouncing on the earth.  The hikers say the site is strong enough to hold 'many people.'

Some experts believe the springy ground is a build-up of roots.  Others believe it could be a dense patch of peat moss. 

Regardless of the reason, many agree they would stop to enjoy it themselves!


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