Bryan County’s Nick Scott Tops Region Honors

Bryan County's Nick Scott Tops Region Honors (Image 1)

Bryan County senior Nick Scott topped Region 2-AA honors as Player of the Year.  Benedictine places 22 on first-team, second-team and honorable mention combined.




Player of
the year:
Nick Scott, Bryan County

player of the year:
Tra Hardy, Vidalia

players of the year:
D'Vontae Bedford, McIntosh County Academy; Conner West, Metter

teams player of the year:
John Solitario, Benedictine

of the year:
Mike Huggins, Benedictine

Punter of
the year:
Brandon Dow, Toombs County

of the year:
Carlos Giron, Vidalia


First team 


OL – Evan
Strickland, Long County

OL –
Brett Bacon, Bryan County

OL – Jay
Jackson, Bacon County

OL –
Darius Scott, Toombs County

OL – Wade
Whitley, Atkinson County

OL –
Shawn Fogerty, Benedictine

OL – John
Hallows, Benedictine

OL –
Tristan Harkleroad, Benedictine

OL – Matt
Nieport, Montgomery County

OL –
Julian McCaig, Vidalia

OL –
Shakeem Lassiter, Vidalia

OL –
Daniel Copeland, Vidalia

WR – Brad
Stewart, Benedictine

WR –
Jordan Black, Vidalia

WR –
Kajana Dixon, Bryan County

WR –
Brian Sounds, McIntosh County Academy

WR –
Raekwon Love, Bryan County

RB –
Jamar Simith, Toombs County

RB –
Justin Parrish, Metter

RB – Jon
Gaines, Benedictine

RB –
Chance Jackson, Benedictine

RB –
Vanda Vereen, Long County

QB – D.J.
Mincey, Vidalia

TE – Eric
Hester, Toombs County

FB – Kyle
South, Benedictine

FB –
Anthony Florence, Bacon



DL –
Raymond Mesa – Long County

DL –
Chakie Johnson, McIntosh County Academy

DL –
Phillip Burke, Benedictine

DL – Josh
Eason – Vidalia

DL –
Devin Johnson, Vidalia

Johnson, Atkinson County

DL –
Keagan Meeks, Atkinson County

DL –
Austin Rayhon, McIntosh County Academy

DL –
Hunter Bond, McIntosh County Academy

DL –
Matthew Provence, Benedictine

LB –
Damion Dixon, Bryan County

Harrison, Metter

LB –
Ronnie Peterson, Bacon County

LB –
Miles McGinty, Benedictine

LB –
Jermaine Morris, Vidalia

LB –
Gerald Rhymes, McIntosh County Academy

LB – Josh
Williams, Benedictine

DB –
Droell Green, Bacon County

DB – Ben
Wright, Benedictine

DB –
Juwan Miller, Vidalia

DB – Troy
Robertson, Bryan County

DB – K.K.
Riley, Atkinson County

DB –
Jeffrey Love, Metter

DB –
Chris Mobley, Toombs County

DB –
Dequan Glover, Long County


Second team


OL –
Randall Behrendt, Long County

OL – Nick
Johnston, Metter

OL –
Kenny King, Metter

OL –
Chace Collins, Bryan County

OL – Curt
Harper, Jeff Davis

OL –
Trevor Williams, Bacon County

OL – Gary
Jones, Toombs County

OL – Zane
O'Brien, Atkinson County

OL –
Francisco Contreras, Atkinson County

OL –
Carlton Brown, Benedictine

OL –
Grayson Hulett, McIntosh County Academy

OL – Ivey
Kennedy, Vidalia

WR –
Dreshon Floyd, Atkinson County

WR – Deke
Landers, Atkinson County

WR –
David Pringle, McIntosh County Academy

WR –
Dashon Halloway, Vidalia

WR –
Devonta O'Neal, Bacon County

RB –
Tryon Folsom, Bacon County

RB –
Ulysses Carswell, McIntosh County Academy

RB –
Romello Palmer, McIntosh County Academy

RB – Tyus
Wesley, Atkinson County

RB –
Brandon Scott, Long County

RB –
Chris Tarver, Metter

QB –
Stevie Powers, Benedictine

TE – Glen
Berkheimer, Vidalia

FB –
Dedrick Johnson, Vidalia



DL – Theo
Howard, McIntosh County Academy

DL –
Mychoel Stanley, Long County

DL –
Michael Ewins, Jeff Davis

DL –
Jacob Carver, Bacon County

DL – Cole
Dowd, Toombs County

DL –
Darius Brown, Vidalia

LB – Nick
Stock, Long County

LB –
Dominique Mock, Bryan County

LB –
Devante Hayes, Metter

LB –
Marcus Tucker, Atkinson County

LB –
Antonio Madison, Bacon County

LB – Kyle
Wilcox, Bacon County

LB –
Ronald Palmer, McIntosh County Academy

LB –
O'akeem Franklin, Benedictine

LB –
Nathan McBride, Vidalia

DB –
Marcus Johnson, Bryan County

DB –
Jacob Wedinchamp, Metter

DB – D.J.
Adkins, Long County

DB –
Malik Kelly, Metter

DB –
Devante Button, Bacon County

DB –
Demetrice Baker, Toombs County

DB – Ty
Jones, Atkinson County

DB –
Conrad Fonseca Benedictine


Honorable mention: OL – Wes McManus, Metter; Josh Nagley, Bryan
County; Trenton Mathis, Jeff Davis; Jeremiah Littles, McIntosh County Academy;
Dylan Brown, Benedictine; William Merritt, Bacon County. WR – Cameron Calhoun,
Jeff Davis; Dalthon Allmond, Bacon County; Richard Romeo, McIntosh County
Academy. QB – Jeremy McClendon, Bryan County; Laquavis Kelly, Metter; Tyree
Johnson, Atkinson County. HB – Keishawn Wagner, Long County; Wenner Rodriquez,
Jeff Davis; Ameterivs Williams, Bacon County; M'Calum Lanier, Atkinson County.
TE – Ellison Burns, Benedictine. DL – Bland Tucker, Metter; D.J. Owens,
Benedictine; Nolon McNamara, Benedictine. LB – Armondo Toledo, Long County;
Walker Lanier, Metter; Freddie Martinez, Metter; Markus Johnson, Bryan County;
Ross Dubberly, Jeff Davis; Reggie Thomas, Jeff Davis; Pasun Sams, Bacon County;
Cameron Connor, Toombs County; Landon Cowart, Toombs County; Devonte Glaze,
Atkinson County; John Littles, McIntosh Academy. DB – Colby Carter, Jeff Davis;
Anasico Washington, Atkinson County; James Etheridge, Toombs County; Blake
Corbett, Vidalia; Zuquon Gaffney, Vidalia

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