Memorial Day School Blue Thunder Playing in State Semi-Finals

Memorial Day School Blue Thunder Playing in State Semi-Finals (Image 1)

They know what the stakes are, .they know how important this is.  The Memorial Day School Blue Thunder have been planning to get back to play in a state semi final game since they were knocked out last year.  The team they lost to?  John Milledge, the team they play Friday night.

“We're very excited.” says Marlin Latson a running back for the Blue Thunder.  “We owe them from last year.  We're comin' out hard.  Fight to the end.  All four quarters.” he says.

Still, payback will only get you so far. Ultimately, the plan is to not only avenge that loss to John Milledge but to play for and win a State Championship next weekend in Macon.

” We worked hard in the off season.  Put in a lot of work.  We expected to be here.” says Latson.  His teammate Kendarious Dukes agrees.  “This is real exciting.  I've been here since 9th grade.  We went to State Championship.  10th grade we went to the State Championship.  11th we didn't go, but we've got another chance.  We can go back to the state final.” he says.

The players say they are ready.  The coaches agree.  This team is different.  How so?  A very important how so.

“Mental toughness.” Says Head Coach Michael Thompson.  “We were road warriors all year.  Our kids kept making plays.  We got a mature group coming up.  Majority of our guys are seniors.  That group of seniors have played in mulitple championship games.  yes, they expect to be there, but they carry a good bit of humility.  Dukes puts it best   “The new guys, i tell them it's a blessing to be in the final four.  we want to play for a championship.”

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