“Inside the Numbers” – GHSA Odds to Win a State Title

"Inside the Numbers" - GHSA Odds to Win a State Title (Image 1)

Our area has 16 teams still fighting for State championships, 14 in the Peach State.  So which of these has the best shot of winning?  We take a look “Inside the Numbers”.  Strictly mathematics here!

As far as the number of teams setting out for the title in August, Class 4A has the toughest ride (remember strictly by the numbers competing in the Classification).  There are 77 teams in Class 4A.  So Statesboro and Wayne County with a one in 77 shot at a State Championship.

On the other side of the coin, Calvary Day and Savannah Christian have the most favorable chance.  The Cavaliers and Raiders are each just one of 28 teams in Class 1A (Private).

Overall in Georgia, Memorial Day has the best shot based on the numbers.  The Blue Thunder is one of 19 teams in the Georgia Independent School Association Class 2A.


Here's a breakdown by the numbers:

GHSA Class A Private (Calvary, Savannah Christian) – 28 teams

GHSA Class A Public (Claxton, ECI) – 38 teams

GHSA Class AA (Benedictine, Vidalia) – 62 teams

GHSA Class AAA (Appling County, Pierce County) – 60 teams

GHSA Class AAAA (Statesboro, Wayne County) – 77 teams

GHSA Class AAAAA (Richmond Hill, Ware County) – 75 teams

GHSA Class AAAAAA (Camden County) – 63 teams


GISA Class AA (Memorial Day) – 19 teams

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