Most Solar Panels Face The Wrong Direction

Most Solar Panels Face The Wrong Direction (Image 1)
Most Solar Panels Face The Wrong Direction (Image 1)

Most of the world's solar panels are facing the WRONG direction.  Scientists say systems should face west and not south.

Common sense tells us that pointing solar panels south (in the Northern Hemisphere) will give the best performance.  But that is actually not true. 

According to a new study, solar panels do better when pointed west because peak demand on the power grid is in the afternoon and evening. 

In short:  to get maximum benefits, it's not just about how much electricity is produced, but also when it is produced. 

This study was done by the Pecan Street Research Institute.  The researchers studied homes with solar panels in Austin, Texas.  They found that when homeowners faced their panels west they were able to generate more electricity each day. 

When the solar panels faced west, they also generated more electricity in the afternoon.  The increase was small, just two percent.  But experts say this two percent would add up over the years. 
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