Feeling Frisky?

Feeling Frisky? (Image 1)

Forget summer loving – it's COLD weather that makes men more romantic, says latest study. 

The results found that men thought their lovers were hotter in the winter than the summer.  So even though temperatures are cooling down, love is heating up. 

One researcher believes it's because skin is rarely seen in the winter.  In the summer, when we are on the beach and bikinis are a common sight, it's not as stimulating. 

Another researcher says there is also a theory that men's hormone levels fluctuate seasonally and that men feel easily aroused when the weather is cold. 

Dr. Justin J LeMiller, a Harvard University psychologist, says, “The research gives us reason to suspect that the weather isn't the only thing that changes with the seasons.”

In a separate study, researchers looked at UK birth patterns and found that more babies are conceived in December than any other month.  Also, December 11th was the most fertile day of the year, with more babies conceived on that day than any other date.  National birth records show that the UK's most popular birthday is September 16th – 40 weeks after December 11th. 

Another theory – some researchers believe couples have more sex in the winter simply because there are fewer distractions than in summer months. 

So regardless of the correct theory, who says winter has to be miserable? 




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