Why Do Women Feel Colder Than Men?

Why Do Women Feel Colder Than Men? (Image 1)

When it comes to women compared to men and temperature settings, more often than not, women will say they feel colder.

Turns out, there truly is a biological explanation for this heated battle at the thermostat.

Now, don't roll your eyes just yet.  Science can back it up. 

Experts say women conserve more heat around their core organs, and this means less heat circulates throughout the rest of the body. So women's extremities are a lot colder. 

A study done at the University of Utah found that women possess higher core temperatures than men (97.8 F vs. 97.4 F).  Women's hands, however, were consistently colder.  A lot colder actually.  Men registered an average hand temperature of 90 degrees F.  Women only registered an average of 87.2 degrees F. 

The theory is that women's body composition, which tends to have a higher fat-to-muscle ratio than men's, explains the difference. 

So women… shivering is just part of the deal. 

But it can go even further.  The tug-of-war over the thermostat can get worse at night.  This is when our bodies produce less coritsol. 

Cortisol is a powerful hormone.  It's your fight hormone.  It keeps you warm, gets your adrenaline roaring and helps with body warming. 

Well, as it gets later, women can get even colder. 

Other reasons why a woman may feel colder… anemia, low blood count or an underactive or low-functioning thyroid. 

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