Easy-to-Assemble ‘Microhome’ Just $25,000

Easy-to-Assemble 'Microhome' Just $25,000 (Image 1)

A Canadian company now offers an easy-to-assemble 'microhome'  that comes with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen for just $25,000.

You'll find an easy-to-assemble label on boxes for flat-pack beds or bookshelves, and now you will also find the label for a house. 

A company based in Vancouver has designed a sleek 10ft by 10ft home.  It can be sent anywhere in the world and put together within days.  It only costs between $25,000 and $28,000.  And to top it off, it's good for the environment. 

The company is named NOMAD, and they are now testing prototypes. 

The tiny home has two levels.  On the bottom is the living room, kitchen and bathroom.  On the second floor, you will find a double bed and closet. 

It may be small, but the interiors make the most of the space.  A bed is fit beneath a slanted roof, and the stairs are above the kitchen sink.  The bathroom doubles as a shower.

The outside can come with a deck that wraps around two sides of the home.  You can also purchase outdoor storage lockers and sun shades. 

The makers claim it can all be assembled in just days. 

It is all lightweight, and this reduces assembly time and shipping costs.  The makers say it is durable, and they say owners are protected from fire, moisture and termites. 

The article, however, does not address durability when it comes to severe weather. But they do say it could be used for shelter in disaster zones.

NOMAD uses specialized wall panels that minimize the need for heat.  The home is also fitted with solar panels and a rainwater collection system.  This all helps with energy use. 

The makers also say the home can be built in urban or rural landscapes. 

The developer shares his philosophy… the world would be a better place if housing was more affordable and accessible to everyone.  In order for this to happen, we need smaller, more efficient and easier to build homes. 

NOMAD believes it could make this a reality. 

NOMAD hopes to raise $120,000 online to develop the project. It has raised $23,000 so far.


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