Metro Police: New Unit Will Focus On Robberies

Metro Police: New Unit Will Focus On Robberies (Image 1)

The Metro Savannah area has seen a spike in robberies and street crime over the past month. Though street robberies are down overall for the year, three out of five precincts have seen recent jumps according to crime statistics provided by Metro Police.

Recognizing that trend, Interim Chief Juliette Tolbert has gathered a team of officers from every area of the department to address that trend.

The special team reported to duty today. They plan to attack the problem by increasing officer presence on foot, on bikes and in cars in the affected areas.

Their focus will be on increased presence and public safety education.  Metro Police offer this advice to citizens:

Police want to urge all citizens and visitors to take precautions when they are
out walking at night.

Walk in groups; safety is in numbers.

Walk in well-lit areas and away from lanes.

Leave valuables at home or keep them out of sight, including cell phones.

If you are approached by a thief, do not resist them and call 911 as soon as
you are safe.



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