Your United Way Dollars at Work: Senior Citizens, Inc.

Your United Way Dollars at Work: Senior Citizens, Inc. (Image 1)

To get 1,800 meals on wheels — you need an assembly line like the one that built the wheels that will drive them.

Every morning… Monday thru Friday — a dedicated team is there before dawn to make sure the Coastal Empire's most vulnerable older citizens get one dedicated meal a day.

And at least one friendly face to drop in and brighten their day.

“Volunteers can go into the home and check on the clients and make sure they're doing ok. Any problems, they call our office and we address it,” Senior Citizens Inc. Director of Development Karen Daiss said.

These are your United Way dollars at work. The organization hopes to raise $8.6 million in their general campaign by Nov. 22 to serve more than 60 member organizations in four Coastal Empire counties.

General campaign dollars make up just two to three percent of Senior Citizens Inc.'s budget — but once they get done leveraging your donation for government grants…

“For every dollar that someone gives us, we're able to bring in nine additional dollars. And all of that money goes to help the lowest income, highest needs older adults in our community,” Senior Citizens, Inc. Executive Director Patty Lyons said.

Meals on wheels is just one of seven programs driven by united way dollars at Senior Citizens, Inc.

Adult day care gives round-the-clock caretakers a break to work and maintain their lives.

They provide in-home care, senior companions, even a volunteer ride service.

“They take them to the grocery store, to doctors appointments, to get their hair done — which may not sound important, but if you were a girl, you'd know it was,” Lyons said.

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