The Vacuum That Cleans The Sky

The Vacuum That Cleans The Sky (Image 1)

Scientists have developed a system that 'sucks up' smog.

This week, officials in Beijing warned children and the elderly to stay indoors due to severe smog. 

Smog has become a major problem in China's capital city.  It has forced closures, caused health problems and reduced visibility. 

Well, Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde says the solution is to use an electronic vacuum to clean up the air. 

Roosegaarde has been working with the mayor of Beijing.  They plan to use the technology in a new park in the city. 

The system uses copper coils to create an electrostatic field that attracts smog particles to clean the air.  This creates holes of clean air through the smog.

The coils can be buried beneath the grass of a park, and it doesn't release any toxic residue.  The creator, Roosegaarde, calls it 'techno-poetry.'

But before it can be installed in the city park, Roosegaarde says he needs about 18 more months to develop the technology. 

It's a challenge he believes he can achieve.  The designer is already working on other intricate designs.  For example, he is working on a sustainable dance floor that generates electricity when you dance.  His other project is a smart highway that produces its own light. 

Regardless, some are keeping their fingers crossed on the 18 month deadline.  China has now entered its high-smog season. 

Winter usually brings the worst air pollution to northern China.  It is due to a combination of weather conditions and an increase in the burning of coal for homes and municipal heating systems. 



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