‘Ghost Cloud’ Mystery Solved

'Ghost Cloud' Mystery Solved (Image 1)
'Ghost Cloud' Mystery Solved (Image 1)

UFO sightings and strange hazes in the sky are traced back to a Russian missile launch. 

This past week, astronauts on board the International Space Station saw an eerie cloud forming high in the Earth's atmosphere. 

NASA Astronaut Mike Hopkins tweeted:  “Saw something launch into space today.  Not sure what it was but the cloud it left behind was pretty amazing.”

Later on, youtube videos were posted showing incredible footage of the same mysterious glow lighting up the clouds in Russia. 

Many were left wondering what it was. 

An NBC News space analyst put all speculations to rest.  It's confirmed that Russia test-fired a Topol ICBM from the Kapustin Yar range on the lower Volga, to the Shary Shagan impact zone in Kazakhstan. 

The missile plume seemed to have some shape, and it was made up of gas particles moving at around 10,000 feet per second.  Astronauts on the space station were able to see it, but it did not pose any threat.  So no 'Gravity' Hollywood space debris possibility!

Experts say this isn't the first time a missile launch has been mistaken for a UFO. 

Even last year, thousands of people in Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon and Jordan called police as a white, gleaming light danced high up in the atmosphere.  It turned out to be another Russian missile. 


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