Weather Reactive Paint

Weather Reactive Paint (Image 1)

Red car?  Black car?  White car?  Can't decide the color of your new car?

Well, you may not have to decide.  Now there's a car with heat-sensitive paint that changes hue depending on the weather. 

Remember the color-changing mood rings and the hyper color t-shirts back in the 90s?  A UK body shop has taken the idea a step further by creating a color-changing car. 

The body shop Auto Kandy uses a reactive paint.  They have used an orange Nissan Skyline R33.  When they pour cold water on it, the bodywork appears to change from orange to purple. 

The paint is what's called thermochromatic.  This means that it changes from one color to another when the temperature changes.  As the temperature goes up, the pigment in the paint become colorless, so this shows the base coat underneath. 

The effect can be personalized, and it can cost a few thousand dollars. 

One issue though… because cars spend a lot of time exposed to UV light, the paint is said to only last between four and six months.  A UV protector can help though. 

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