Metro Police Captain Placed On Leave Has History Of Disciplinary Actions

Police poised to resume active school zone patrols.

News 3 investigating — looking into the career of a Metro Police captain suspended last week after being named in a sexual harassment complaint. Captain Cedric Phillips has had a long career with Savannah-Chatham Police – rising through the ranks for more than twenty years…but the sexual harassment complaint filed by two fellow officers – and also naming former Metro Police Chief Willie Lovett – isn't the first complaint that's been filed against him over the years. In fact there have been seventeen – eleven of them containing allegations that were sustained upon investigation.

One report from 2006 states Phillips “showed disrespect towards an officer” under his supervision by sticking out his tongue at her and asking if “she needed a hug.” He received a written reprimand.

In another from 1997 – Phillips received a two-day suspension for failing to properly investigate an accident he was dispatched to. A supervisor wrote in the report that Phillips “investigation of this accident was lackadaisical and incompetent.”

And in another he was accused of unbecoming conduct – by pushing and talking down to a citizen who hesitated to let him into a locked fitness center. He was ordered to have quarterly reviews. That happened just last year.

Yet within a few months of that incident — Cedric Phillips was promoted to Captain within the department. After being named in the most recent complaint, Interim Chief Juliette Tolbert placed him on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

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