No More Warm Beer!

No More Warm Beer! (Image 1)

The latest gadget lets you chill a drink in under 45 seconds and claims to be 80% more efficient than existing coolers.

Okay, so before I get into the story… let me explain how this blog is weather related.  For one, it has to do with temperatures.  Next, it has to do with energy saving processes.  And furthermore, it has to do with beer.  Yes, I do like a cold beer every now and then.  Cold.  Not warm.

No one likes warm beer.  And no one likes having to wait for it to be chilled.

Well, in comes in the Rapidcool.  It's a device that claims to cool canned drinks and bottles from room temperature to 4 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 45 seconds.

It's a device that not only saves you time, but it also significantly reduces energy requirements in grocery store cooler aisles. 

The inventors hope grocery stores will use the Rapidcool.  Shoppers can then choose a drink from the shelf, place it into the Rapidcool machine and get it chilled without waiting too long.

Rapidcool claims to provide energy savings of more than 80 percent compared to some standard open drink coolers and a 54 percent saving compared to glass door coolers.

Rapidcool uses patented V-Tex technology by rotating the drink at a certain speed.  They call it the 'Rankine vortex.'

The company says this mixes carbonated drinks but avoids fizzing when the drink is opened. 






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