Ikea To Sell Solar Panels

Ikea To Sell Solar Panels (Image 1)

Ikea is best known for its cut price flat-packed furniture.  But now it will be known for something else too.

The large retail chain plans to start selling solar panels.  They will even install them. 

The solar panels will come flat packed, but they won't be cheap.  The average cost will be about $10,000.  This price does include the cost of installation. 

The chain started selling the solar panels at one of its stores back in July, and it was successful.  They plan to now roll out to more stores in the next ten months. 

Ikea will provide an in-store consultation, design service as well as installation, maintenance and ongoing energy monitoring. 

Designers say the solar panels could cut energy bills by up to 50 percent.  Experts go on to say that a home solar system can deliver a return of up to 14 percent with some able to pay off their up front cost within the first seven years.

Also, Ikea has redesigned the panels to make them less unattractive.  The new ones resemble flat screen televisions.  They are all black. 

So far, Ikea has installed more than 500,000 solar panels. 





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