One Night, One Neighborhood, 40 Car Break-ins

One Night, One Neighborhood, 40 Car Break-ins (Image 1)

In one night, in one neighborhood — 40 cars were broken into.

It happened in the Battery Point community. Police tell NEWS 3 every vehicle was left unlocked.

Rachel Loomis says her community is normally very quiet.

“Battery Point is really really a lovely neighborhood.”

But things got ugly last Monday when dozens of cars were burglarized. Loomis says she was hit twice.

“Two cars were broken into, luckily nothing was taken out of our cars, they were rummaged through and they were a mess, must have been looking for cash I'm guessing because they left two GPS's A radar detector, and our paperwork. it just looked like they made a big mess.”

Loomis says she's stunned this happened… just feet from where she slept.

“It's kind of strange, considering we sleep not too far from there. Our dog sleeps in the laundry room which is right by the carport, and she didn't alert us either, so they were very stealth.”

She says nothing like this has ever happened here before.

“We always feel safe here, always. it was very unusual that happened, but we go on walks all the time our children play outside,we're not fearful.”

And even though she might not be afraid– now she makes sure to listen for the beep before she leaves her car unattended.

“They will be locked all the time, yes.”

Thankfully, there haven't been any more break-ins since.

And dare we say it again — take anything valuable out of your car, and lock the doors.

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