Spongebob Movie Making Waves, Bringing Cash to Tybee

Spongebob Movie Making Waves, Bringing Cash to Tybee (Image 1)

The new Spongebob Squarepants film is  still right on schedule to start shooting this month (September).

Friday morning the company in charge of production held an informal meeting at Tybee Island city hall to let residents know the shooting locations and that they wanted everyone who was interested to come out and watch the filming. Some sequences for the movie will be shot on the beach near 1616th street on the Island. The movie is set to be part live-action, part animation. A few new bits of  info on the film:  There is a live-action pirate character who drives a land-going ship. His vehicle will be shot in several scenes on Tybee. Also, that actor playing the pirate just happens to be Antonio Banderas.

The best part of all of this of course is that film is being shot on Tybee Island. The city manager, Diane Schleicher says she's not sure just what the economic impact of the days-long shoot will be , but it's sure to be in the millions of dollars. Schleicher says it's important that the production company and the community treat each other well. A strong relationship will help this production and could pave the way for other films to be shot on Tybee Island.

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