Affordable Care Act presents research and links to help you navigate the wealth of information available about the Affordable Care Act.

Resources online

24/7 Registration number: 1-800-318-2596

To find a local Registration Center, click here (Enter Zip code)

Health Care: What is the health insurance marketplace Summarizes the enrollment period: Oct 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014 where to call and how to apply in Georgia. Consumer information and help Consumers can get help 24 hours a day via phone, chat, and can apply on-line and learn what subsidies they qualify for. Medicaid and CHIP Children's Health Insurance can also be applied for through one application at this sit. Spanish language and other language options available.

Videos for Health Insurance Marketplace on YouTube.

Kaiser Family Foundation Fact Sheet on Affordable Care Act Kaiser has many articles and also aids individuals in calculating their subsidies.

Chatham County Safety Net

Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council will identify resources in our county for information and enrollment help beginning in October 2013.

Watch for updates at Chatham County Safety Net Local Resources for enrollment and information about the Affordable Care Act

The organization is building a frequently asked questions list about the Affordable Care Act. If you would like a question listed, please submit your question to:

Note: They will not respond individually. They will only construct the list and post on their website.

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