Ridgeland Residents Say Violent Crime Has Become Ordinary

Ridgeland Residents Say Violent Crime Has Become Ordinary (Image 1)
The most recent shooting in Jasper County happened on Knowles Island Road just outside of Ridgeland on Sunday night.
The Jasper County Sheriff's Office says two men got into an argument over some money, and then one Solomon Groober allegedly shot Keith Michael Moore, Jr. in the leg.
Luckily this time Groober is behind bars and Moore sustained minor injuries. However, people in Ridgeland didn't seem surprised to hear of this latest shooting.
“It's just a very sad day. It puts a gloom over this little town…it's very disheartening,” said Gregg Wright.
Wright grew up in Ridgeland, and owns a business downtown. But he says whenever he returns to visit Ridgeland after moving away, it just doesn't seem like the same place he knew.
“It's not Ridgeland. It's just not our town,” he says.
And this is his reaction to the violent crimes occurring throughout Jasper County.
Unfortunately, Vaishali Patel at Days Inn agrees that crime is not new to the area. Especially since she's heard of very bad things within the Days Inn parking lot. She says police found a man murdered at her hotel in June.
“There was a dead body in a car that somebody just left. They killed that person and just left them there,” Patel says. “I'm scared about that for my kids.” 
Others have noticed, too. Groups have rallied to get try to get some answers from Sheriff Jenkins, to nearly 30 unsolved murders since 1980. Business owners say they are hoping for that, too.
“I would like to appeal to the people who have been victims, and even to the people that have done these crimes,” says Wright. ” It just has to stop.”

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