Going To New Depths

Going To New Depths (Image 1)

Here in Savannah, biking is encouraged.  It not only saves the planet and your hard-earned cash, it is also an effective workout. 

But let's face it… most of us still drive cars.

Well, that is not the case in Tokyo. 

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world, and space is extremely limited.  Many ride bikes.  But even storing bikes takes up too much street space.

That is… until now.

A creative idea going to new depths, an underground cycle rack hold 200 bikes below the streets of Tokyo.  Talk about a genius storage solution. 

And it only takes 8 seconds to store a bike.

Construction company Giken developed it all.  A robot system used is called Eco Cycle. 

Bicycles are stacked on top of each other.

Each well can hold about 200 bicycles.  The whole process to store and retrieve each bike takes about 16 seconds.  Users simply put their bike into the designated zone.  A mechanical arm clamp then puts it into place.  The owner's swipe a membership card to approve the storage. 



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