Leaderless Bridges Preparatory Has Parents Planning to Oust School Board

Leaderless Bridges Preparatory Has Parents Planning to Oust School Board (Image 1)

Just three weeks after Bridges Preparatory School opened its doors, Headmaster Melesia Walden resigned. Now the teachers, students, and parents are left nearly leaderless. 

Parents are questioning what's best for their children's education.

“The timing is horrific. It's absolutely horrible. We should have at least done what we could to keep Melesia for a year,” says one parent, Lee Levesque. 

“It's frustrating as a parent because it's one step back from the future for our children,” Amy Paintom says. 

Since Walden's resign was caused by some differences with the school board, parents say they're going straight to the board. Sunday afternoon a group of parents huddled to plan their strategy. They say it will require a change in the face of the board. 

“The board has allowed our head of school to walk away. it should have never gotten this far,” Paintom says.

At 6:30 p.m. Sunday night the group had a joint meeting with the board. They told News 3 their goals. 

“One, that this will never happen again. Two, we get the right folks in the right place., and three, that all of this is simply for the children to get the best darn education they can possibly have,” Levesque says. 

Paintom adds, “I would love to see a whole new board sitting and leading the school.”

With a new board in place, parents are hoping Headmaster Walden can return and lay the foundation work for the new school. 

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