Parents in Jasper County Fight for Better Schools

Parents in Jasper County Fight for Better Schools (Image 1)

Parents and residents in Jasper County continue to fight for better education for their kids.

A group met at Sergeant Jasper Park Saturday morning, to plan their course of action to change the district's 'F” ranking to an 'A'. Their current progress report shows schools received just 27.3 points out of 100. If nothing changes, their official state report card will show an 'F' in November.

This is unacceptable to Jasper County resident, Rhonda Cradle. She says she's had enough.

“This train has been going off the track a long time and it's finally derailed. With a 27.3, it's derailed,” Cradle says, “it's going to be turned around.”

Cradle is one of the group who came out to rally. Among others was Senator Tom Davis, who said the purpose of his visit was to speak directly to those on the front line.

Cradle says she's glad that there's a group of people on the same page, especially since her granddaughter is a Jasper County student. She hopes her granddaughter doesn't lose interest in learning at a young age.

“I only have a couple of years for that with my granddaughter. She's in Pre-K,” she says.

She reminds the group that the children are the reason they're rallying, and it's the children's futures at stake. In order to help the children, she lists her plan of action:

“Rallies…going to the representative, getting people to trust us that this is not political. It's not racial,” Cradle says. “Black, white, or Latino, it doesn't matter. They're all failing.”

She has signed a petition, too. The group at the rally hopes to grow their 260 signatures to 1500, in order to demand that the Jasper County School Board terminate Superintendent Vashti Washington.

The group plans to rally again sometime in October.


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