How To Know If You’re About To Be Struck By Lightning

How To Know If You're About To Be Struck By Lightning (Image 1)

picture of brothers with hair on end minutes before they were hit.  It's a frightening picture that was snapped just moments before they were struck by lightning at Moro Rock, California.  The strike left the younger brother with third-degree burns and another man dead.

Just before lightning strikes, electrical charges in the atmosphere can lift hair into the air.  Some say this is nature's last warning. 

Unfortunately, these boys didn't know that. 

This picture was taken back in 1975.  The boy on the right is Michael McQuilken, and he is now 56 years old.  He says he remembers the day well.  He hiked with his brothers Sean and Jeff, sister Mary and her friend Margie.

When they got to the top of the mountain, they noticed the weather had gotten bad.  Their hair started to stand on end, and they all thought that was funny.

Mary took some pictures.  She had no idea the pictures would someday be famous.

McQuilken says he raised his arm in the air and the ring on his finger began to buzz so loudly that everyone could hear it. 

These were all signs of electricity in the air, and the kids should have taken shelter immediately.  They, however, didn't start to leave the area until it started to hail.

They didn't get far before disaster struck.

McQuilken is now a drummer and software designer.  He describes the lightning hit as being engulfed 'in the brightest light I have ever seen,' similar in intensity to an arc welding light.

He then says he remembers time slowing down, a sensation of weightlessness and a deafening explosion.

When he came to, he was on the ground.  It was here where he realized his brother Sean had been struck by lightning.

explained: 'Sean was collapsed and huddled on his knees. Smoke was
pouring from his back. I rushed over to him and checked his pulse and

'He was
still alive. I put out the embers on his back and elbows and carried him
down the path towards the parking lot, with the rest of the group

Sean suffered third-degree burns on his back.

As the group headed to the parking lot, they came upon a couple where a woman was desperately giving emergency aid to her husband, who had a 'small burn mark near his heart.'

This man did not survive.

Another man was struck.  All of his clothes were burned off, and his camera exploded.  It's said that the man's body hair was completely burned off and it never grew back.

Now here lately, we have seen thunderstorms almost every single day.  Many of these storms have produce excessive lightning.  Just remember, if you hear thunder or see lightning, you are close enough to be struck.  Go inside immediately and stay away from windows.  When the storm finally ends, wait at least 30 minutes before going back outside.






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