Dead Battery? No Problem

Dead Battery? No Problem (Image 1)

The moment you need to send an urgent text is usually the same moment your battery dies.  But now U.S. engineers claim to have developed a solution that allows you to generate power using 'thin air.'

This solution will tap into power from TV and radio waves. 

It's technology known as 'ambient backscatter.' 

It's an idea that could definitely help during a severe weather situation.  Power outages means you can't charge your phone.  You, however, may still need to communicate in an emergency.

So researchers at Washington University have built small, battery-free devices with antennas that can detect and reflect a TV signal.  The devices use the signal to communicate back and forth.

The devices form a network literally out of thin air.  Signals will create a Morse code of communication between battery-free devices.

These devices could be used in mobile phones, and this could provide emergency power when the battery has died.




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