Sandy Baby Boom Begins

Sandy Baby Boom Begins (Image 1)

New Jersey hospitals report that the number of deliveries are up by 30% nine months after Hurricane Sandy.

Nine months later there is a new wave of repercussions being felt in the northeast.

Dr. Robert Graebe of Monmouth Medical Center said that their neonatal unit has seen a 34% increase in births this month as compared to the same month last year.

They expect it will go from 370 deliveries to about 500 deliveries.  It could be one of the biggest jumps they have seen.

One expert takes it all a step further.  Economics Professor Richard W. Evans says the baby bump isn't all that unique.

“People just love hurricanes and sex,” Evans says.  “If your lights go out and your electricity goes out but you can stay in your house, fertility increases.  If you are running for your life or being evacuated or flooded out, you are not making babies.”



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