Machine Turns Sweat Into Purified Drinking Water

Machine Turns Sweat Into Purified Drinking Water (Image 1)

This may not suit your taste! A charity has found a way to put sweat to a good use.  UNICEF is turning it into clean, drinkable water.

The organization has created the Sweat Machine that squeezes the sweat from people's clothes and then purifies the liquid to create drinking water.

The whole idea came about when looking for ways to provide clean water to many parts of the world.

The Sweat Machine was unveiled during the opening of the world's biggest international youth football tournament, the Gothia Cup.  It was here where players and visitors were encouraged to hand over their sweat-drenched clothes or to accept the challenge of drinking a glass of water from the machine.

On average, one sweaty football shirt made a little less than half an ounce of drinking water.

If you think it's kind of gross, you may want to actually give it a try.  Those who tried it at the event gave it their approval.

The campaign was done to raise awareness of 780 million people's lack of access to drinking water.

Nearly 125 million children currently do not have safe water to drink, and thousands die each day as a result.

Per Westberg of UNICEF Sweden, said: “We wanted to raise this subject in a new, playful and engaging way.  Our Sweat Machine is a reminder that we
all share the same water. We all drink and sweat in the same way,
regardless of how we look or what language we speak.  Water is everyone's
responsibility and should be everyone's concern.”





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