Dragon Boats Dominate First Full Day of Water Festival

Dragon Boats Dominate First Full Day of Water Festival (Image 1)

Whether you were out on the water racing in dragon boats…….or just watching from dry land, there was more than enough to keep folks interested this year. The eight day Beaufort Water Festival takes over the city. For locals like Eliott Chucta, who's lived here most of his life— he's used to this summer shutdown.

“Living around here you just gear up and get ready for another year. We all know what to do what to expect, when it goes down, but yeah its fun.”

But if you don't know what to expect officials have some words of advice for you!

“Be prepared for some parking issues……visit our web site Bftwaterfestival.com,” said Stacy Canaday.

For Chucta he says its great for the local economy.

“I work at Outback Steakhouse, so we gear up we all know that its going to be packed down here, and if its not a successful event then it will be packed everywhere else, along with Marine graduations, Water Festival is one of the things that fuels our economy as a tourist town so it keeps us pumped.”

But for him its a chance to gather with his neighbors and spend some time enjoying our greatest local resource.

“I get to see a loft of people that I don't usually get to see throughout the year, get to see the people you went to high school with the people you grew up with, church members, everybody, the whole town is here……..you get to see everybody in the small town.”

Don't forget the WSAV's Hometown Live show will be out at Waterfront Park on Wednesday.

For more events log onto www.bftwaterfestival.com


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