Biting Back: Wetsuit Prevents Shark Attacks

Biting Back: Wetsuit Prevents Shark Attacks (Image 1)

Earlier today, WSAV brought you a story about a man who stumbled across a five foot shark on the beach of Sullivan's Island during an early morning run.

Well, there's your proof.  There are sharks in the water.  (That is my humor by the way.)

I saw the movie Jaws when I was 7 years old.  I used that movie as inspiration to swim faster at swim meets, and I use that movie as inspiration today to avoid deep ocean water!

But not everyone feels the same way.  Take surfers for example.  There's not much fear allowed.  But there can still be protection.

Australian scientists have developed wetsuits that prevent shark attacks. 

Supposedly, the suit conceals divers by exploiting the shark's color blindness.  The striped suit tricks sharks into thinking the surfer is poisonous.

The inventors claim the suits could save lives. 

While sharks are known to have a keen sense of smell, scientists believe that they rely heavily on their vision in the final – often deadly – phase of shark attack.

The pattern of the wetsuit uses disruptive coloration and shaping to make it difficult for the shark to see.

The wetsuits took about two years to develop, and they cost about $500 each from Radiator Wetsuits.


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