Having Heart Surgery? Schedule It On A Full Moon

Having Heart Surgery? Schedule It On A Full Moon (Image 1)

Lunacy, says it all.  Legend has it that the full moon brings out the worst in people:  more violence, suicides, accidents and aggression.  Some even believe during a full moon, more pregnant women go into labor. 

Well now, the latest belief is that heart surgery patients recover quicker during certain lunar phases.

Here is what the study found… A lower death rate was observed following heart surgery, which takes place when the Moon is waning (getting thinner).  People who have heart surgery during a full moon stay in the hospital for an average of 10 days, compared to 14 for people who have it at other times.

The study was carried out by Rhode Island Hospital.  It was all done to establish the effect of natural time variations on survival rates and length of hospital stay after heart surgery.
“We focused the study on patients having aortic dissection and found that the odds of dying following this procedure were greatly reduced during the waning full moon, and that length of stay was also reduced during the full moon,” says senior author Dr. Frank Sellke.
Aortic dissection happens when there is a tear in the lining of the aorta.  It's a tear that allows a column of blood to enter the aortic wall, forcing the layers apart.  It causes severe pain and is classified as a medical emergency because it can quickly lead to death without treatment.

Now obviously not all surgeries can be performed around the full moon, but this does give the medical field a better of idea in understanding the effects of our environment.

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