July Miracle

July Miracle (Image 1)

Doctors say it's a miracle that a newborn baby girl survived after her mother was struck by lightning on July 4th.

Heavily pregnant Kendra Villanueva and her boyfriend Ian Gordon of Albuquerque, New Mexico, were watching the Independence Day fireworks when a storm approached.

They got up and headed inside, but it wasn't soon enough.

Lightning struck a tree in Gordon's mom's front yard, and this struck the couple.

“I had turned and started walking,” Gordon says.  “And next thing I remember, I woke up on the ground.  My car alarm was blaring and I was dazed.  I didn't know what happened.”

As it turns out, fire fighters were nearby working another call.  They were able to get to the scene within just minutes.

Villanueva says she woke up to find her hand was bleeding from where the electricity left her body.  But this wasn't her main concern.  She was more concerned for her unborn baby.

The couple was rushed to the hospital.  Doctors carried out an emergency C-section on Villanueva who was about two weeks away from her due date.

Miraculously, baby Kimberly Samantha Rose Gordon survived the ordeal.  Through it all, she is expected to be okay.

An EMS doctor who treated the couple at the scene says there have only been 11 recorded incidents of a pregnant woman being struck by lightning – anywhere – and only about half of those babies survived.

Gordon suffered a ruptured eardrum from where the lightning either entered or exited through his left ear and he can't currently hear out of it.

Both parents face long-term muscle spasms as a result of the incident and Gordon is also using a cane while he regains his strength and balance.


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