A Hunk of Burning Heat

A Hunk of Burning Heat (Image 1)
A Hunk of Burning Heat (Image 1)

A heat wave is rocking out West.  Las Vegas ties a record high of 117, and Death Valley could hit hottest temperature on EARTH when it reaches 130.

(Sorry for the cheesy Elvis reference… but even Elvis impersonators feel the temperature rising.  Ha ha!)

The heat wave is due to a high pressure system that is just hanging over the area all weekend long. 

Officials for Death Valley are urging people to use extreme caution during this heat wave.  It's not stopping the tourists though.  Hotels are booked solid.

Air travelers could have some problems though.  Big jetliners can handle temps around 126 and 127 degrees, but smaller planes may have flights delayed. 

If the temperature tops 118, the air becomes less dense and changes liftoff conditions.



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