Lightning Injures Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gay Leaders

This time of year you hear me say this almost every single night… “If you hear thunder or see lightning, go indoors and stay away from windows.”

It's Lightning Safety Awareness Week, and just yesterday nearly two dozen New Hampshire Boy Scouts were hospitalized after lightning struck their camp.

Scouts spokesman Greg Osborn says no one was directly hit by the lightning.  But some of the kids and a few adults complained of tingling and burning sensations, so they were all treated by either camp nurses or the local hospital.

Osborn says all are good now and actually in good spirits.

Firefighters say the lightning struck near where the Boy Scouts had gathered. 

Osborn says the Scouts were under shelter at the time.

But obviously, this didn't serve as enough protection.  The electrical charge of lightning is very hot.  It's five times the hotness of the sun. 

The odds of getting struck by lightning are 1 in 500,000 and between 50-100 people each year are injured or killed by lightning strikes. 

Around one-third of people that are struck were participating in outside activities…like fishing and boating.  But sometimes it happens when you are inside.  This can happen when you stand next to a window.  Lightning can break windows and travel through plumbing.

For those who are struck by lightning, most survive.  But they can develop a lifetime of complications, including permanent brain damage.

Difficulty remembering
short-term events, multi-tasking, distractibility, personality changes,
accessing old information and coding new information are all examples of what
could happen to a person who was struck by lightning.


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