Beaufort Celebrates Another Star

Beaufort Celebrates Another Star (Image 1)
Beaufort Celebrates Another Star (Image 1)

“Devin! Devin! Devin!!”

More excitement in Beaufort Saturday as the community celebrated its second national celebrity–Devin Taylor who was just drafted into the NFL by the Detroit Lions.

Taylor was signing autographs and taking pictures with hometown fans,

“Its a little bit like a dream coming true kind of thing, and also being a little star-struck at the same time cause for me growing up I never though this for me could have happened,” said Taylor.

It did happen, and now his friends, family, and neighbors are fans—and their support means so much to mom Sylvia.

“I appreciate the people coming out, I thank them so much and it lets me know that they really and truly love Devin, and all I want to do is tell them thank you very much.”

Taylor and American Idol Candace Glover are helping put the spotlight on Beaufort and the football player says its so exciting.

“Its a thrill actually, to be out here ya know, just all the fans and stuff that watched me growing up, and be in the NFL and stuff.”

He adds that he wants to serve as a role model for kids in the lowcountry and has words of wisdom for them……

“If you have a dream and your really believe in it and want to achieve it, keep working hard towards it, and eventually in reality it will come to you.”

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