The ‘Helmet’ Umbrella

The 'Helmet' Umbrella (Image 1)

Ever had to wrestle with a wind-blown umbrella?  Well, this could be a thing of the past. 

Check out the 'helmet' umbrella.

The Rainshader's canopy protects you from the wind and the rain without blocking your view.  Even with winds up to 40mph, makers claim the umbrella still didn't blow inside out.

Not only does it protect you, but it is designed not to drip on other people or poke passers-by in the face.

Entrepreneur Stephen Collier, 48, came up with the idea.  He wanted something that could be used specifically for watching sporting events in a crowd.

The umbrella has a cut-away front.  It's design is somewhat like a motorbike helmet.

“Traditional umbrellas have a lot of drawbacks in busy environments as they can blow inside out and make it difficult to navigate through crowds,” says Collier.


The basic design hasn't changed for centuries.  Collier thinks it's time for some modern settings.

The cost is about $40.








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