Cancer Survivors Unite in the Lowcountry

Cancer Survivors Unite in the Lowcountry (Image 1)
Cancer Survivors Unite in the Lowcountry (Image 1)

Laura Braun is a cancer survivor, actually she's a two-time cancer survivor, and she's one of the many survivors that came out to “National Cancer Survivor Day” at Beaufort Memorial Hospital's Keyserling Cancer Center.

“I found out that I had a lump, and eventually I had a lump-ectomy, I made many,many,many trips over 110 trips for treatment, to Beaufort, and worked with the wonderful team at the Beaufort cancer center and Hospital,” said Braun. @

Braun thought she was cancer-free until she felt a lump on the other side of her body, and had to have surgery again……but she's been in remission for two years.

Like Braun many survivors shared their stories……

“It's bad! He said you got cancer in 95% of your body, I said oh lord! Well I can't tell you the words I said, but I said oh lordy I only got five percent left” sad one survivor.

The celebration which was a chance for survivors to talk with one another about the disease….something that few really know about

For Braun she says her experience changed her entire outlook on life.

“I just marvel every day at the trees, the flowers, the sunshine, and I was telling everyone, when I wake up I say it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

And she has words of advice for you

“Be proactive, get your mammogram, and not only know your doctors team, but you be on that team and look out for yourself too, and keep that positive attitude.”

More than 125 people showed up at the event today which was sponsored by Beaufort Memorial Hospital. This is the fifth year for the event and officials say they plan to have this for many years to come.

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