Termite Apocalypse

Termite Apocalypse (Image 1)

New Orleans has been struck by tens of thousands of swarming termites, and it's causing people's skin to crawl.

It looks like something out of a creepy movie… the termites made for any car headlights, streetlights or lit homes they could find. 

See usually these Formosan termites show up at the beginning of May.  But in New Orleans, it has been cooler than average.  The termites have shown up late.

Formosan termites are actually not native to the United States.  They were first introduced from the Far East in packing crates and other wood products during World War Two.

Now there are massive infestations in and around New Orleans.

These kinds of termites show up in huge swarms because they are only capable of flying 300 yards in search of a mate.  Then the pair will drop to the ground to burrow a nest.
Problem is, most termites never manage to find a place to mate, so they die on the ground by the thousands.
Mature termite colonies can have as many as 5 million individual insect members.

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