Busy Roads ‘Can Cause Heart Disease’

Experts say living near busy roads 'can cause heart disease' when arteries become clogged by traffic air pollution.

Researchers studied 5,000 participants with an average age of 60, and they say they found a link between heart disease and proximity to major roads.

They say the closer you live to heavy-traffic roads, the higher your level of calcium around the heart.  This potentially causes a condition known as aortic calcification.

For every 300 feet you are closer to major traffic, levels increase by 10 percent. 

Other research has shown that noise is a concern too.  Researchers claim noise from traffic can increase the risk of a heat attack.

Air pollution and traffic noise cause an imbalance in the nervous system, which regulates blood pressure, blood lipids and glucose level. 
Dr Kalsch, from West-German Heart
Center in Essen, Germany, said: ‘Fine particle matters and traffic noise
are believed to act through similar biologic pathways. This we think
causes cardiovascular disease.

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