Ending Laundry Days

Ending Laundry Days (Image 1)

Your laundry days are over… or at least greatly reduced.  Manufacturers claim they have invented a shirt you can wear for 100 days without washing or ironing.

Supposedly, the shirt resists odor so effectively that it even smells fresh after being worn during high impact exercise.

They also claim the shirt doesn't need ironing because it's made of wrinkle-free material that can withstand even the roughest of treatment.

Now why am I doing a weather blog on such a topic?  Well, I cover environmentally friendly topics too, and this falls into that category.  Think of the energy saved if we all wore the same shirt for 100 days! 

Problem is, I love my clothes.  I love shopping.  But not everyone feels like I do – so…let's learn more.

American company Wool & Prince say they developed the shirt for men who hate having to wash their clothes. 

The company has tested this shirt in many ways.  They sent some backpacking in the Andes to dancing in sweaty New York nightclubs to test the design.

The shirts are made of wool, which lasts six times longer than cotton.  Wool is also highly resilient to wrinkles.

Wool then helps to absorb sweat and evaporate it into the air. 

A spokesman says, “Our fabric will redefine what you think of wool.”

The company says it doesn't expect anyone to wear the shirt for 100 days in a row – and that it must be washed at some point.  But it 'could' be done.

No retail prices have been announced yet.

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