It’s Like Living in a Tanning Salon!

It's Like Living in a Tanning Salon! (Image 1)

One family has had enough as neighbor's solar panels reflect sunlight directly into their home.

Sitting in your sunroom is supposed to be relaxing.  But for the Phipps family can't enjoy it.  They have to retreat behind blakcout curtains.

They say there is so much glare that their home is lit up 'like a tanning salon.'

Robert Phipps, 51, says the position and angle of his neighbor's roof means excessive amounts of light are reflected over his garden and into his property.

He says his home is now filled with blinding light. 

“There's this huge wall of light pointing straight at you,” Phipps says.  “It's worse than looking directly at the sun.  I'm really worried it's causing us retinal damage.  It's not much better inside.  We just have to close the curtains and blinds and switch the lights on.”

“My son has blackout blinds in his room just so he can escape the glare to do his homework,” Phipps says.

Mr. Phipps says he has invited his neighbor over to show him, but the neighbor won't come.

Mr. Phipps has even asked the authorities to check it out. 




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