Billy Currington Booked in Jail

Billy Currington Booked in Jail (Image 1)

The locally grown, country star surrendered himself to the Chatham County Sheriff's office today, after a bench warrant was issued for his arrest on Wednesday.

He is now facing charges for making terroristic threats and abuse to an elderly person.

These are serious charges. Each one is a felony.

While this is a Savannah-Chatham Metro case, the Tybee Police Department was involved. Today we were able to obtain the reports from April 15th, the day this incident occurred.

It details exactly what happened, and exactly what Currington said to his accuser. But we spoke with a man who is not only his neighbor, he is his friend. He says Currington is not alone in his frustration and it happens a lot more than you might realize.

“This is your property, and they need to respect it.”

Anthony Sapone says it's rare to have the river so calm behind his home. Normally it's a much different scene.

“A lot of these boat owners, they have no idea. They just go out there, they plow through the river, wake the dock, knock your stuff over, if you have people on the dock they fall over, especially little kids, you know.”

Country star, Billy Currington is now facing serious felony charges. According to police documents, he jumped in his boat and began chasing Tybee tour captain, Harvey Ferrelle, after he made several drives by his dock each day.

Whiteness say they heard him scream, “Me and my brothers will find you and [blank] you up! When you are alone, we will finish you!”

For Sapone, the news is sad but Currington is not the only one who is frustrated by boats that get a little too close.

“I can side with him [Currington], I have chased people down, that blow by the dock and wake the dock. A lot of them don't know what they are doing. A lot of them do. You get these captains that go out every day, they know better. They know better they really do.”

As a friend of Currington's he knows that safety and privacy has always been a concern for the star.

“He is a nice guy, never made any trouble; very pleasant. I've actually fished on his dock several times. They do get a lot of traffic in that Back River. There are a lot of people here and on the Back River that get frustrated.”

And as for Ferrelle, Sapone had this to say—

“Tybee is an eclectic place, there are a lot of characters around here.”

And Currington is only in trouble for saying what many other property owners would like to.

“It's nothing a lot of us haven't said before. But us not being in the spotlight, it just gets taken with a grain of salt.”

Currington's bond was placed at $27,700, but he only had to pay 10 percent of that. At this time, his tour dates for the weekend are going forward as planned.

According to local attorney James Byrne, Billy Currington is scheduled for arraignment on May 28th. He says chief assistant district attorney Greg McConnell will prosecute in the case.

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