Waterworld: America’s Sea Level Predictions

Waterworld: America's Sea Level Predictions (Image 1)

If scientists are correct, many of America's cities could be under water in five centuries. 

The images are alarming.  They show how some of America's most famous tourism destinations could look in the future if predictions prove correct. 

Pittsburgh-based researcher and artist Nickolay Lamm, 24, has created the illustrations.  They show the Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty and Miami's South Beach submerged in up to 25 feet of water.

Scientists say it could take several centuries for sea levels to rise to that level.  But they are hoping these illustrations will get our attention now.

According to the US National Climate Assessment, the consequences of climate change are already hitting the US in many ways… including health, infrastructure, water supply, agriculture and even more frequent severe weather. 
The research claims the climate change is 'due to primarily to human activities, predominantly the burning of fossil fuel.'
The study also say that all of the US is subject to change.
Scientists hope we learn that we all must act.  They hope the country reduces carbon pollution.


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