USCB Take Action Against Domestic Violence

USCB Take Action Against Domestic Violence (Image 1)

USCB students are taking a stand against domestic violence this week thanks to their “Intimacy and Violence” course.

It covers everything from rape to abuse and teachers say students need a way to channel their emotions and that's why they are hosting these awareness events.

“I have left physically angry from this class, I have left emotionally broken from this class, this class has changed me in a lot of ways,” said Drew Jones.

Jones is a junior at USCB taking a class he thought would just give him background for a career in criminology but it ended up giving him a lot more.

“Thought it would give me an insight into the behavior of people that are domestic abusers, and it gave me a lot more that. I've talked about it before, my faith is a big part of my life, and I've had to forgive people that I've never even met because this class spiritually challenged me a lot more than any class I've ever taken.”

That challenge spurred him to action—Jones is a martial arts student who asked his teacher to demonstrate some self-defense techniques for his class. And he says it's just one thing he can do to try and help.

“It's a way that I can put into action, something. cause if it makes a difference in one person's life, one time. It's not a perfect system, but it's something that can keep them alive.and if it can keep you alive long enough to get out, then it was worth it. My purpose is that I want to teach them tools that can keep them alive.”

The class has more events planned to spread the word around campus that this behavior should not be tolerated..

Tonight a former FBI agent will speak to students about domestic violence and stalking in the workplace.

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