Arkansas Oil Spill

Arkansas Oil Spill (Image 1)

New photos released capture the environmental destruction of Arkansas Oil Spill

It all happened last week, when roughly 5000 barrels of oil poured through an Arkansas subdivision.  Mayflower's streets were turned into toxic black rivers with some slick pools circling sewer holes.

Backyards are soaked black between trees and children's toys. 

In one yard, there's even rippling waves of oil.  These waves look to be several inches deep, and these waves are coming from the source. 

Back on March 29th, an Exxon Mobil pipeline carrying Canadian crude oil burst.  Twenty-two homes had to be evacuated, and 60 homes in total are said to be affected.

600 people are responding to the incident in addition to federal, state
and local responders,' Exxon said in a statement reporting their

Wildlife has been affected.  Fourteen dead ducks, one dead nutria and two dead turtles have been recovered.

Two women of the neighborhood have now filed a federal lawsuit against Exxon.  They are seeking money to make up for 'a permanent diminishment in property value.'

Some reports claim the pipeline gushed for an hour before it was shut off.  The cleanup then began at once and still continues today.



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