Update on Dogs Pulled from Savannah Animal Control

Update on Dogs Pulled from Savannah Animal Control (Image 1)

More tonight on a story we first told you about earlier this month–Savannah Animal Control was ordered to do repairs on its facility meaning it had to close portions of the building, and resulting in a lack of space for some of the dogs that lived there.

The shelter put out the call for help and one lowcountry group answered that call.

A group of animal lovers in the lowcountry saved 16 dogs…once they were saved though what would they do with them?

“We collaborated with a local boarding facility to house them for four weeks. During that four weeks it was either get them adopted or find them a foster home,” said Amy Campanini of the Palmetto Animal League.

But Campanini says that arrangement only ended up lasting three weeks with little success. They needed a new home so a majority of the dogs moved to the Palmetto Animal League. And although they were tight on space–and funds to treat the dogs– it ended up being the best move–within two weeks all but five dogs have been adopted out.

“These dogs were finding homes, and dogs we didn't think we would be able to place quickly, maybe due to being very shy or not super socialized, people were coming in and these were the dogs that were most appealing to them, so we got very lucky.”

Officials here at the Palmetto Animal League say that what started as a stressful and almost deadly situation, resulted in a happy ending, and these animal lovers couldn't be happier.

“It gives me and the entire staff here, and everyone involved in the entire rescue effort the confidence to do it again, because it was just so worth it.”

And now these animals will get a chance at a full and happy life.

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