A Cedar Tree Without Pollen

The pollen count is high, and many of us are suffering from allergies.  Is this a solution?  –Scientists create a cedar tree that does not have pollen.

Japanese experts may have engineered a solution to a big problem – hay fever. 

Scientists at the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute say they have successfully developed the first pollen and allergy-free cedar tree.

They altered the DNA makeup of the plant and were able to create region-specific trees that do not produce pollen.

American scientists have already created pollenless pine trees, but no one has ever achieved pollenless cedars…until now.

Experts say it's still in the experimental stage, but low-pollen trees have already been planted across Japan. 

And in other news…scientists create 'hypoallergenic apple'

A research group is working on a hypoallergenic apple by substituting natural proteins for those which don't cause an allergic reaction. 

Apples aren't usually associated with allergies.  But 75 percent of people suffering from an allergy to birch pollen are also allergic to apples.  Those sensitive to apples can suffer from unpleasant irritation and blistering of the tongue and lips.



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