Umbrellas That Light The Way

Umbrellas That Light The Way (Image 1)
Umbrellas That Light The Way (Image 1)

I'm not one to endorse a product, but I have to admit this latest invention caught my attention – the Bright Night Umbrella.

Whether you are crossing city streets or wandering alone down a dark road, navigating rainy evenings can be treacherous.  But with a lit umbrella, you could potentially stay safe.  See the umbrella lights the ground around you.  This way you can see and be seen. 

The light is located in the base of the canopy.  It uses four AA batteries, and it can be illuminated for three hours.  The umbrella can withstand some gusty winds, and the light supposedly expands out to six feet. 

The umbrellas are called Bright Night Umbrellas, and they cost around $30.  The web site is 


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