You’ll Never Need a Parking Space Again

You'll Never Need a Parking Space Again (Image 1)

Check out the 'suitcase scooter' that you can fold in half.

Finding a parking space can be tough in parts of downtown Savannah, so this could be the ultimate commuter transport – a groundbreaking electric scooter that conveniently folds up.

See it folds in the middle, and this allows you to easily take it anywhere…even the back of your car. 

This scooter makes life easier, and it is eco-friendly transportation.

It can't go very fast though.  It rides at around 28mph.

It does, however, have a comfortable leather seat.  So it is somewhat comfy. 

It is lightweight, and it has a battery life of 22 miles – which takes just one hour to fully charge.

The scooter is called the Moveo.  It's propelled by in-wheel motors in both wheels and it takes just seconds to fold.

When you get to your destination, instead of looking for a parking space, you simply fold the scooter's carbon-composite body in two.

The golden bike can be pulled along by a handle.

The Moveo could be on sale by the start of next year.





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